Day Eighteen

Day: Eighteen

Organization: Holy Name of Jesus Church and School

Activity: Food Prep & Service

I noticed something very interesting today, actually I have noticed it a few times, but it was really clear to me today. So often the volunteers serving others are not of great means themselves. For example, today I did food prep and service for those in need with a group of Spanish-speaking folks affiliated with the Holy Name of Jesus Church. These women do this every week, at their own expense. They buy the food, cook the food and serve the food. And, while I don’t know their exact stories, I could tell they lead very humble lives — but, they are so thankful for the lives that they have, that they want to share with others.

When I think about my journey thus far, I have to say that I have not seen or met many other volunteers who are “like” me in terms of background or socioeconomic class. Why is that? I wish I knew and I guess my wondering about such things is why I minored in sociology in college. Where are the upper middle class folks? Perhaps serving on boards or writing checks, but they are needed at the hands-on level too. Their lives would be changed if they rolled up their sleeves, got into it, met people unlike themselves and humbly served. That is my wish right now, for all people to serve and learn. Yes, writing checks is VERY important, as is board service — I do both — but the evolving as a human being is in the one-on-one work, I assure you.

I am so inspired by the folks I worked with today and I truly applaud them for their selflessness and generosity. May they continue to honor their call to serve and may we all learn from them and follow in their footsteps.

And, may you always have enough food to nourish you.


One Comment on “Day Eighteen

  1. Jamie Keyser

    I’m playing catch up and just finished day 18. I love the projects and the daily posts. I feel like I am following Carry Bradshaw on Sex and the City. Whether it’s Carrie’s posts about fabulous shoes or the NYC dating scene, or your posts about not only the projects, but driving through our neighborhoods with blinders on or discovering so many wonderful people in our community that we would most likely never cross paths with, I AM HOOKED! I loved what you said about “where are the upper middle class folks”…they are out there, but unfortunately not enough of them. If they only knew what they were missing and how incredibly rewarding and humbling it is to serve on the front line, it would be life changing for them. Can’t wait for more!


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