Day Nine

Day: Nine

Organization: Boys and Girls Club of Hollywood

Activity: Homework Assistance

Today, I spent time at an organization very close to my heart, one I actually devote a good deal of my time to — the Boys and Girls Club of Hollywood.

I joined the Board of Directors about three years ago because I wanted to do something for the kids in my community. While I don’t have kids of my own, I absolutely love them. I love their energy, curiosity and innocence. And, I think that all kids deserve a fair shot in this world, regardless of the environment they grow up in or the socioeconomic class of their parents. But, too often that isn’t the case.

At the Boys and Girls Club of Hollywood we are all about helping kids get that fair shot. While we offer many activities for our kids, our main focus is to provide kids with academic enrichment that positively engages and shapes their future development. This ends up benefitting  not only the kids, but the entire community, as these are our future leaders. So, that’s why I give my time to the Boys and Girls Club of Hollywood.

Being a Board member means I sit at a conference table with others and make decisions and that I ask a lot of people to financially support the Club — very important work, as we need the funds. However, I don’t get to spend much time with the kids themselves. But, today I changed that and spent time helping kids with their homework in our learning center. It gave me a different perspective of the Club and a deeper appreciation for the staff, volunteers and kids — which will ultimately make me a better Board member.

So, even if you already volunteer for an organization, see if there is an activity you can do that you’ve never tried before. It will likely make your connection even deeper.

Please check out the video and learn more about my day…helping kids with homework isn’t so easy!

2 Comments on “Day Nine

  1. Tina Simon


    favorite day so far! years ago I worked for a printing firm that was associated with the Optimist Club in Monmouth County. I ultimately joined, this was shortly after highschool. I wanted to get connected with as many ppl as I could since I wanted to move up in the business world. One of our projects was a bowling night with the Boys and Girls club. My printing did the program and also got the T-shirts done and the night was a great success. I felt very inspired and continued my work with the Optimist Club until I moved from Freehold. I would like to find time for this time of work, I hope that o!nce my son gets into Kindergarten I can help out at his school! Thanks for inspiration Brad!


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