Day One

Welcome to Day One of my Thirty Days of Service!!  I am so excited to share this journey with you and am so thankful that you are here. Over the next 30 days, I will share with you my journey completing 30 service projects with 30 organizations in 30 days! My intent is simple, to inspire you to get involved serving others. I hope to also entertain you a bit and look forward to sharing with you what I do and learn every day.

Thanks again…now on to Day One…

Day: One

Organizations: Volunteer Los Angeles and DonorsChoose

Activity: Reading “The Cat in the Hat”

I say all the time that man plans and God laughs. Well, that certainly appeared to be the case today.

As I have been planning my days of service over the past couple of months, I have run into many challenges — finding 30 things to do in 30 days with 30 different organizations isn’t easy!  I have had calls and emails go unreturned, I have looked into organizations that just didn’t really meet some basic requirements and have scheduled and rescheduled many of my days so that I could ensure they would all get booked.  I have also been trying to anticipate potential challenges that could arise once I start my 30 days — what do I do if something gets canceled or I can’t find a project for a day?  But, I truly didn’t think I would run into a challenge on Day One…but, I did!  And, fortunately I had a backup plan…

Have a look at my reading of the great “The Cat in the Hat” by Dr. Suess:

6 Comments on “Day One

  1. June Ballew

    Awesome day 1! I know children of all ages will enjoy as I did. Never knew this type of volunteering was out there. As always you are an inspiration and will get many of us moving and doing more.

  2. Tina Simon

    Hey Brad, so proud of you! Matt Ryan from 94.3 the Point did this earlier this year and I followed his progress. What an inspiration you are! Will keep up and follow your progress as well!! <3 Much love from the Jersey Shore!

  3. Tammy French

    Brad, you have overcome your fear of reading out loud! I am so proud of you and never realized I could volunteer while never leaving my home. You are an inspiration! I can’t wait to see day two and the rest of your journey.

  4. Charisse

    Thank you for sharing your service, our church young women s group is starting 30 days of service on June 1st- there is about 20 of us so I am hoping that we will be able to make a difference and feel the joy of serving. I loved listening to you read and would never have guessed you did not like it much. Thank you again for sharing your experiences!


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