Day Sixteen

Day: Sixteen

Organization: Volunteer Los Angeles

Activity: Skills-based Volunteering

Ever thought about taking what you do for a living and applying it to service? It’s generally an easy thing to do, depending on your profession, and can be among the most-needed type of service.

In case you haven’t read the “About Brad” section of this site, let me tell you very briefly about my background. I am a pro-social marketing expert — that means I align brands with causes to promote a positive message. Most recently I worked at the Disney/ABC Television Group, which includes the ABC Television Network. Part of my role was to work closely with non-profits on a wide-range of activities, including integrating them into the programs aired on the network. Because of that work, I have a wealth of knowledge about how non-profits can engage the entertainment industry — knowledge that can be very useful to non-profits.

So, today I shared that knowledge with a variety of non-profits by leading a seminar that was part of Volunteer Los Angeles’ ongoing trainings that help organizations run more effectively. My doing that, was an example of skills-based volunteering. It was a fun way to spend my day and it reminded me just how smart I am — always nice to have a reminder!

Give some thought to how you can apply your professional skills to help an organization.

Enjoy the video!


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