Day Ten

Day: Ten

Organization: Midnight Mission Family Housing

Activity: Fun & Games With Kids

I got to be a total kid today! I almost feel guilty claiming it as service, but it was. I did fun and games with kids who live at a family housing complex while their parent(s) attended a class.

During my service something really clicked for me, kids are kids. Regardless of class, race, gender or anything else, kids want the same things — to have fun, to be heard and to feel like they matter. Actually, I think that’s all any of us really want and need. As I played with these kids, I was reminded of my nieces and nephew. And, while they come from very different backgrounds than these kids, the games and conversations were so similar.

I think it’s refreshing whenever I am reminded that we are all more alike than we are different. I think so many of the issues in our world are created because people choose to focus on what makes us different. Imagine what would happen if that focus was shifted to focus on what makes us similar — I think it would change the world. So, let’s try it!

Enjoy the video and then go play like a kid, it feels great!

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