Day Twelve

Day: Twelve

Organization: Baby2Baby

Activity: Moving Locations

So, here’s the thing about volunteering, sometimes you do things you just really don’t necessarily enjoy. But, you do them for the greater good, for the cause. That was the case today, when I helped Baby2Baby move from one location to another. I’m not sure anyone really enjoys hauling boxes on and off trucks, so you can likely imagine my slight lack of enthusiasm for the task. However, I agreed to give my time and tried to remember one of my tips…”be flexible — be willing to do what’s asked, even if it’s not the most fun task.”

And, I am so happy that I spent my day with the staff of the organization, as well as some great volunteers. It was, if nothing else, an incredible workout. We were moving so quickly that I’m not sure how we didn’t get hurt or damage what was being moved. But, no injuries, lots of sweat and a fun time was had by all, which I certainly didn’t expect.

The bonus of the day was learning about Baby2Baby, an organization I wasn’t familiar with prior to serving. They provide great services to low-income families and it is so nice to see an organization expanding its services while so many others are forced to close their doors.

So, while I am not seeking a job as a mover anytime soon, I am glad I was able to do some heavy lifting today.


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