Oct 11, 2012


Day Twenty Five

Day: Twenty Five

Organization: Playworks

Activity: Coaching Kids

You may recall that on Day Sixteen I did skills-based volunteering in which I shared my knowledge on the entertainment industry with various non-profits. Well, it was on that day that I learned about Playworks and was invited to volunteer for a day with them. And, it was so fun and among my most rewarding days.

Essentially, I got to play like a kid all day, which I love! But, more importantly I got to meet some great kids who are the future leaders of their communities. These kids were so polite and welcoming. They taught me new games and were very patient with me when I would forget the rules. They gave me great hope for the future.

I also got to meet Mr. Green, the Playworks coach that works at the school I visited. He is an inspiration in his own right. He has truly transformed playtime for these kids. When he arrived at the school, recess and class game time were unorganized and unproductive. To handle the kids, they were assigned what to do at recess instead of being able to choose. But now, they get to do what they want and it’s organized chaos — it is recess, so chaos is a given. It is now an environment where kids can try different things and discover what they like and don’t like.

I think it’s so important that we encourage kids to be active and to learn early the importance of sportsmanlike conduct. Many of life’s lessons are learned on the playground and I am thrilled that these kids, and kids at other Playworks schools, have an opportunity to learn those lessons in a safe and supportive environment. For the kids, it might seem like it’s just playtime, but we adults know it’s much more than that.

Go grab a kid and play — it feels great!


2 Comments on “Day Twenty Five

  1. Greg

    Great organization!! Kids need to be out side and playing and not inside with their computers (unless it’s homework).

  2. Darlene Kiyan

    Coach Jamison,

    Thank you for spending the day playing with the kids at Bennett-Kew elementary. The impact a coach has on the whole school is amazing. You witnessed how well behaved the children are, how engaged they are in play and after school doing their homework. Thank you for sharing your experience, you are welcome to come out and play with us anytime!

    Darlene Kiyan
    Executive Director
    Playworks Southern California


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