Oct 10, 2012


Day Twenty Four

Day: Twenty Four

Organization: The Saban Free Clinic

Activity: Data Entry

So, not all volunteering is sexy, but it’s all important. Today, I spent my day doing data entry — not so sexy, I think you’ll agree. But, it is what they needed done at The Saban Free Clinic, a fantastic organization serving the LA area.

You can watch the video to hear about what I learned today, which was actually very insightful. But, the point I want to make here is that all service is important. Whether you are doing backbreaking work or sitting at a computer screen doing data entry, it all matters. The data I was entering today will help the Clinic fine tune a great program they have at the Hollywood High School. That will then lead to healthier, happier, more productive kids, which benefits all of us.

So, think about how you can serve. I guarantee there is something you can do. And, if you can’t find something using the tips and tools I provide, just call a local organization you know of and care about and ask them if they can use an extra set of hands. Tell them you are willing to do whatever is needed, regardless of how sexy or not the task is.

You will feel great, just knowing you helped!


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  1. Rosana j.

    great post! i am just starting out in community management marketing media and trying to learn how to do it well – resources like this article are incredibly helpful


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