Day Twenty One

Day: Twenty One

Organization: Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

Activity: Book Signing Host

Today was very different from any other day, in that my service wasn’t based around helping those in need. I, along with hundreds of other volunteers, spent the day working at the LA Times Festival of Books — a multi-day celebration of all things books, which is great because it encourages everyone to pick up a book and read.

I have to say, that as a kid I wasn’t much of a reader. I always felt like I read very slowly and I would get very boarded. I can’t even count how many times I would fight with my mom about reading the books I was supposed to read for school. And, then there was my fear of reading aloud, which I discussed on Day One.

But, now I actually love to read. While I am still not the fastest reader, I like to curl up with a great thriller and get sucked into its world, or fantasize about what it’s like to live in other people’s shoes when I read their biographies. Plus, there are the half-read self-help books that line my shelves and works of non-fiction that teach me about the world. So, spending my day supporting an event that celebrates books, was fun and rewarding in its own way.

Plus, as often happens with service, there was a nice surprise. I was assigned to an area near the cooking stage, where there were cooking demos and conversations with cookbook authors. How perfect for me! And, I got to listen to and later meet one of my favorite LA-based restauranteurs! Combine that with amazing weather and you have a recipe for a great day!

Check out the video to learn more and happy reading!

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