Oct 8, 2012


Day Twenty Two

Day: Twenty Two

Organization: Operation Gratitude

Activity: Care Package Assembly

Today was a very special day for two reasons. First, because I got to take part in something that honors our active duty troops. Second, my partner, Greg, was able to join me.

Greg and I, along with hundreds of other volunteers, spent the day creating care packages for our troops. Boxes filled with everything from toiletries and t-shirts to DVDs and Beanie Babies — you’ll have to watch the video to learn more about the Beanie Babies. The idea is to give the troops some of the comforts of home, while also reminded them that we support them and are grateful for their service and sacrifice.

I love doing things to support our troops and their families. I am honored to have many relatives, dead and alive, who served this great country and defended our freedoms. We owe so much to these brave men and women who give so much to us, the least I could do was spend a few hours giving back to them. I am also passionate about our veterans and how we treat them, but you will hear about that tomorrow, Day 23.

One of the most amazing things about today was the number of volunteers who showed up. Young, old, men, women, veterans, active duty military and military family members, not to mention every color of skin imaginable. It was thrilling and exhilarating to see all of these people coming together for a common goal — the result of which was more than 9,000 care packages being assembled, that means 9,000 troops with feel some love. And, in all likelihood, that room was filled with different political views, supporters of the current wars and those who don’t think we should be at war. But, none of that mattered, our mission was simple, show gratitude to those who serve.

A huge thank you to all of our troops and their families. You enable the  other 99% of us to enjoy all that we have in the United States.


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