Good Citizens of July

July marks the first month where we have featured a “Good Citizen of the Week”. These amazing individuals were picked because they embody everything it means to be a Good Citizen. They are hardworking, committed to their causes, and inspire those around them to get involved. So here they are! The Good Citizens of the Week from the month of July.


Who: Carrie Ann Inaba

Organization: The Carrie Ann Inaba Animal Project (

Quote: “When you’re having a hard time, the only thing that feeds your soul is doing good in the world, that will take you to tomorrow.”

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Who: EJ Manuel

Organization: Camp Kesem (

Quote: “I am blessed to be part of the Buffalo Bills and incredibly thankful for the platform it gives me to have an impact on others.”

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Who: Nancy Olson

Organization: Southern California Leadership Network (

Quote: “I’m just me, with lots of flaws and quirks and shortcomings. Life has brought its twists and turns. But because I said yes to the unknown, yes to learning to “degaje” (“do what it takes to get it done”) in the face of fear, my life has been forever transformed through the amazing grace that is service to others.”

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Who: Kori Reed

Organization: Akshaya Patra Foundation (

Quote: “Being away from it all and in the act of service, I found the beauty and the opportunity of applying one’s strengths to help others. In the act of service, I found my soul, and when I saw that my work aligned with my values, it changed my life.”

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