Good Citizens of September

September marks the third month where we have featured a “Good Citizen of the Week”. Once again we chose them for their hard work and promises to make the world a better place. This month we showcased some amazing people who are on a great path to changing lives. So here they are! The Good Citizens of the Week from the month of September.

Good Citizen









Who: Narendra Modi

Organization: Global Citizen (

Quote: “800 Million youths joining hands to transform our nation, to put the light of hope in every eye & the joy of belief in every heart.”

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Who: June Ballew

Organization: Boys & Girls Clubs of America (

Quote: “Volunteering in high school, I learned a great deal about life, people, struggle, myself and pride, but mostly about determination and love.”

















Who: Jeff Hoffman

Organization: Special Olympics (

Quote: “My passion for youth service is drawn upon my own experience growing up in a household of volunteers.”

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Who: Mary Sadeghy

Organization: City of Hope (

Quote: “Going forward, it is hard to imagine living a life that isn’t ingrained in a mission. For me, there is no gesture of gratitude greater than serving others in need. It’s a choice I never regret, whether I do it as a “job” or in a simple interaction.”







Who: Patrick Wallace

Organization: A Note to My Kid (

Quote: “The connections I’ve made by helping people simply connect by sharing their most heartfelt emotions has been worth so much more than any paycheck or material gift I’ve been given.”

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