Sep 10, 2014


What Type of Citizen Are You? Quiz


I have some great news from Good Citizen. Our first quiz is now online! I’m calling it the What Type of Citizen Are You? quiz, and it tells you exactly that.

Oftentimes, people have a strong passion to get involved in service and give back to their communities, but if they haven’t ever volunteered before or participated in service activities they might not know what activities would suit them. In my Thirty Days of Service, I did all sorts of service activities—some I really enjoyed and others… I didn’t enjoy as much. When spending your time on service, I think it’s critical for you to enjoy what you’re doing. Enjoying your service has three important benefits:

1. You are more likely to continue giving back

2. You will be happier around everyone else you encounter during your service

3. You will be more engaged and more productive during your service

That’s what the aim of the new quiz is—to help you figure out what types of service you might enjoy best so that you can give your best during service. And it’s really simple. The quiz is just 8 questions long, and at the end you’re told what kind of citizen you are: Hands-On Citizen, Artsy Citizen, Organized Citizen, or Social Citizen. I won’t go into each type of citizen, but I think you can figure them out based on the names.

So if you want to get involved in service but you’re sure where to start, I suggest heading over to the What Type of Citizen Are You? quiz and answering a few questions. And even if you know exactly what service activities you like best, I still recommend taking the quiz just because taking quizzes is fun!

And when you do take the quiz, share your result on Twitter or Facebook to encourage others to get involved with service, too.

Happy serving!


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