Defining Service

There are many ways to look at helping others and the planet and many words are used to classify such acts.  If you have looked through our site, you have noticed Good Citizen uses the word “service” most frequently.  Below is what it means to us and why we prefer it over other terms.

For us, “service” is the act of sharing oneself with others.  Sounds simple, but it encompasses a great deal.  Here is some of what it includes:

  • Small Acts of Kindness – everyday acts that are conducted to benefit others, but are not necessarily part of an organized effort or organization
  • Volunteering – giving time to a non-profit or other organization without pay
  • Fundraising and/or Donating Funds – helping an organization raise monies needed to operate and/or giving of one’s own money
  • Advocacy – actively supporting a cause/belief and encouraging others to do the same
  • National Service – dedicating a substantial amount of time (typically one year) to serving others, often for a small stipend

We embrace this broad definition of “service” because we understand the limitations people have when it comes to sharing their time, skills and resources.  We also truly believe that every type of service can have great benefits and there is no act too small or too large.  So, while it isn’t realistic to think everyone will start volunteering large amounts of their time, we do think everyone can incorporate service, as defined here, into their daily lives.  Just imagine if everyone was seeking to be of service everyday – what a different world we would live in.