Tips to Being a Good Volunteer

If you’ve decided that volunteering for an organization is how you want to serve, there are some things to keep in mind about how to be a good volunteer.

Here are Good Citizen’s Top Seven Tips (in addition to The Five Commitments)


Show up — once you have signed up to serve, follow through, as they are counting on you


Be on time — your time is valuable and so is that of the other volunteers and staff members, so be there at the time they set


Be flexible — be willing to do what is asked, even if it’s not the most fun task


Come prepared — bring any required paperwork, supplies, etc. that are needed


Learn and follow the rules — know age limits, dos & don’ts, photography limitations, etc. beforehand and stick to them


Communicate any special needs ahead of time — let them know if you need to leave early, have limited abilities, etc.


Dress the part — wear attire appropriate for the type of service you are doing and keep in mind the group with whom you will be working